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Most health insurance plans cover the cost of weight loss surgery. However, it is your responsibility to confirm that your insurance company provides coverage for treatment of morbid obesity. Our team can assist you to verify your insurance benefits.


Most health insurance plans have specific requirements you will need to complete before the surgery will be approved.


General requirements for weight loss surgery: 

  • Participation in a 3 or 6 month long Multidisciplinary Weight Loss Program

  • Nutritional Evaluation

  • Psychological Evaluation and Clearance

  • Medical Clearance

  • Cardiac Clearance

  • Pulmonary Clearance / Sleep Study

  • Lab results of TSH level & negative H-pylori

  • 2-5 years of medical notes documenting BMI

At DHMR Clinics, our expert team can assist you with completing the requirements and can work with you and your insurance company to obtain authorization for surgery.


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